Corporate Services

As a John Maxwell Certified Trainer and Speaker, Dawna Kinnunen facilitates workshops, seminars, keynote speaking, and coaching, aiding personal and professional growth with leaders.  In addition to John’s leadership programs, I’m a Certified FISH! Philosophy and Colours facilitator.  Energize your team and bring them to the next level with one of our programs!

We tailor each presentation to the needs of your specific audience and always give practical steps for participants to live out what they learn.  Delivered as a full day, half day or keynote sessions.

Popular Programs:
LEAD in Colour

Designed to promote self-discovery through personality temperaments providing a deeper understanding of self and others, increased communication, team building, and lots of fun & laughs!!
FISH! For Leaders

Great organizations are powered by positive energy. As a leader, your most powerful influence is your example. The FISH! Philosophy helps you be more aware of your impact and care for the people you lead.   Energizing your team with FISH! Philosophy helps to improve relationships and give employees the confidence to adapt and contribute. Every organization needs fresh insights - FISH! Philosophy builds a culture where it is safe to “play” with ideas that improve results.

“Speak Strong!” It’s a leadership skill, a success strategy and a moral imperative.  Based on the best selling book Speak Strong, this fun and engaging session will build on your leader’s ability to overcome resistance, establish and implement boundaries, create new communication standards, supercharge their message and their results!
Trimming a workforce is difficult. Both managers and employees are bound to experience emotional turbulence as they prepare to go their separate ways.  YesYouCan Employment supports organizations to minimize the effect and support employees to transition to new organizations with onsite support during termination, job search planning, professional help with resumes and cover letters, coaching and mock interviews.